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Herbalife Ultimate Kit
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Herbalife Ultimate Kit contains a months' supply of all the core products required to get your weight loss programme on track. In addition to the core products, you will receive another shake, a Multibre Drink and a 100g Instant Herbal Beverage in Original flavor.

The Advanced Kit includes:

  • Two delicious and nutritious Herbalife Nutritional Shakes, a meal replacement to help
    you reach your goal weight with long lasting results.
  • Personalised Protein Powder assisting you to meet your protein needs and give you sustained energy between meals.
  • Herbalife Fibre and Herb tablets provide increased dietary fibre which assists in reaching the recommended daily fibre intake.
  • Multifibre Drink provides a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibres.
  • Herbalife 100g Instant Herbal Beverage available in Original flavour, aids in controlling your appetite and cravings. Supports the digestion process and helps the body eliminate stored fat.

Fast Facts

A full months' supply of products.
Delicious and highly nutritious.
Available in 5 mouthwatering flavours.
Low in calories, only 217 kcal per serving.
Low in saturated and unsaturated fat.
Provides high quality dietary fibre.
Easy to prepare.
Can assist you drop those centimeters as well as kilos.


Shake: Blend two heaped tablespoons of the shake with 250ml skim milk to create a balanced meal in a glass. To really treat your taste buds, try adding your favourite fruit and ice.
Multivitamin Complex: Take one tablet three times a day with meals.
Personalised Protein Powder: Take 1 to 4 servings daily. This plain, unsweetened formula can be added to your Nutritional Shake or stirred into cereal, yoghurt, sauces and soups to provide complete protein to any meal.
Fibre and Herb: Take 2 tablets three times a day with meals.
Multifibre Drink: Mix 1 measuring spoon with 150ml of water or add a scoop to your favourite shake, mix and enjoy.
Instant Herbal Beverage: Drink liberally (6 - 8 glasses per day) between and with meals. Mix a level teaspoon with either hot or cold water, tea or diluted fruit juice or with your shake mix.